terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through our TorontoTowncarservice.com or Virtual-Dispatch.com website. We recommend that you read these conditions carefully before making an online reservation.

The following names and definitions apply and are used in Toronto Airport Car service terms and conditions:
“Our company”, “we”, “us”, “our” means Toronto Towncar Service or Toronto Airport Car Service as a company that acts under Canadian law in force.
“Customer”: The customer designates the person who makes and pays the Transportation Reservation via our website or application.
“The Passengers”: or Passenger means all passengers or clients, whether mentioned by name or not, who are part of the Booking.
“Main Passenger”: The primary passenger is the person who is first mentioned in the Booking.
“You” and “your”, “yours” are synonymous with you as a client or passenger. This also includes all other clients and passengers specified at the time of transportation booking.
“The transport company” is a professional company that provides transportation services for the customer or passengers.
“Booking”: booking means the actual reservation made via our website or over the phone.
“Transportation Service” means any service provided whether it is to or from the airport, point A to point B, Hourly service, etc in agreement with the carriage of passengers and provided by Toronto Airport Car service, including any other services provided by us that relate to the transportation in question.
“Transfer Voucher”, “Booking Voucher”, “Voucher”: This is the confirmation you will receive by e-mail after a reservation is made.
“Agreement” means any Reservation made and all terms and conditions that apply to this Booking service.
“Conditions”: the general terms and conditions stated here
“Website”, “Websites”: http://www.torontotowncarservice.com or http://www.virtual-dispatch.com

Toronto Airport Carservice Online Reservations
By booking on our Toronto Airport Car service Platform the customer automatically agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of the transportation contract for an indefinite time. No signature between Toronto Airport Car service and the customer is necessary to confirm the acceptance of the transportation contract, the customer may terminate the contract 48 hours previous transportation reservation pick up day and time any reservation terminated under the 48 hours will be subject to full price charges according to our reservation terms and conditions.
2)After submitting an online reservation the customer will automatically receive an email confirming with the booking with a reservation reference number and routing containing the clients last name, first name, type of vehicle, date and time, pick-up and drop off, customer ID, phone number and price information for the transportation service, you need to read this confirmation email and make sure all information on the email is valid and correct.

The person using the Toronto Airport Car service booking website must be at least 18 years old. This person is also responsible for providing the correct information and also responsible for the full payment of the reservation. The online booking form must be filled out in full.
The conclusion of a contract with Toronto Airport Car Service requires the administrative processing of a certain number of tasks in order to provide you with the correct transportation services requested.
The validity of the transportation reservation contract only takes effect after you have received a transport voucher by e-mail. If the purchased transportation services can not be provided by the Toronto Airport Car service company, the customer will be informed either by email or phone call and then the total amount debited will be refunded to the customer’s account or credit card on file. After the refund or repayment, Toronto Airport Car service no longer has any liability or responsibility to the customer.
The email confirmation of all notifications sent by email is a customer responsibility. We expect you to verified each email notification. You don’t need to reply to the email notification in order for Toronto Airport Car service to consider the data on our mail server as proof of notification.
Confirmation of payment is also considered as such as contractual.
The vouchers you received after paying for our Transportation Services must be printed so that they can be shown to the driver. If the main Passenger is unable to present the transportation voucher at the time of the Transportation Service, Toronto Airport Car service may refuse the Transportation Service.
As mentioned earlier, the person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, Toronto Airport Car service is entitled to cancel the reservation at any time. Minors are also not allowed to use our transportation services without the supervision of an adult.

For payment of Transportation Service, all credit card payment methods are available, (American Express, MasterCard / Diners International, Visa), credit cards (Visa / Delta, Visa / Electron), Bank transfers, and Paypal. If you wish to use Paypal, please note that you need to let our dispatcher know so we can provide you with the correct payment link.
Our rates always apply in Canadian Dollars. Please note our merchant system always charge on US dollars with the conversion rate of the public exchange rate.

The Booking Voucher email will contain the details of the reservation pickup address times and the client’s and passengers’ information. If the confirmation email still contains incorrect data, the changes can only be made and implemented by replying to this email address info@virtual-dispatch.com.
The modifications must be requested 24 hours before the actual transfer time and date and are only valid only after we confirmed by email.
If the modification of the reservation is accompanied by additional charges necessary, these costs are solely the responsibility of the client.
Any extra stop on a point to point service will be charged at $15 dollars per each stop may be charged.
When the transportation confirmation has become legally binding, the Client or passenger is responsible to inform our dispatcher of any errors contained therein, not less than 24 hours before the corresponding Transportation Service. If the client informed us with less than 24 hours prior to the pickup time and date we reserve the right, to terminate the contract without charge and without refund.

Cancellations by the client or passengers are valid only if they have been sent to our Customer Service by e-mail info@virtual-dispatch.com
Cancellations can be made either for an entire transportation reservation and for parts of the reservation.
For cancellations that take place more than 48 hours previous the transportation service day, a full refund of the payment will be provided. For cancellations that take place less than 24 hours before reservation pick up time and date, no refund will be provided, and full charges applied.
For any cancellation to be effective you will receive an email cancelation confirmation from Toronto Airport car service

Toronto Airport Car Service will always do everything possible to provide the child seats that were requested during the booking of transportation services. In exceptional cases, it may happen that the child seat can not be provided. If a charge has been applied for the child seat at the time of booking, these charges will, of course, be refunded.
If there is no child seat available, then children from 3 years old and up can still use our Transportation Service if the parents or guardian agreed to use the adult seatbelt.
Toronto Airport Car service, respect all the rules that apply to our vehicles in accordance with the Canadian rules and legislation. When booking private transportation, we always request our clients to use a booster seat or a child seat for children under 12 years or under 135 cm.
As a transport company, we pay close attention and great importance to the client’s safety and as a customer, you can also choose to provide your own child or buster seat.
It is the client or passenger sole responsibility to check whether the child or buster seats used for the transportation services meet the requirements by law and whether the child seats are correctly used and installed.
Toronto Airport Car service is not responsible for the use, inspection, and/or installation of the child seat in question.
If the client would like to use a personal booster seat or a personal baby seat it must be communicated to our dispatcher in advance. this way, as a Toronto Airport Car service, can ensure that the vehicle used can accommodate the booster seat or child seat.
Group transportation services are generally provided by minibus or bus and it is not possible to use a child seat in these vehicles.
Children under 3 years old can also use our Child Seatless Transportation Service if they are in the back of the car.

In the event of Toronto Airport Car service failing to comply with these Terms and Conditions, we shall not be solely liable as a Transportation Company for any loss or damage that may be related to our negligence of these Terms on the basis of evidence.
Losses or damages for which we may be responsible can not exceed the amount you paid for the transportation services.
Toronto Airport Car service is in no way responsible for so-called consequential damages or losses that have occurred unexpectedly. Toronto Airport Car service is also not responsible for any disruption that can not be directly related to our Toronto Airport Car service services. We believe but are not limited to, accidents, administrative requirements, legal force or actions, and legal restrictions.
For any accident or incident happening during the delivery of our transportation service, we can not be held responsible if our driver acted accordingly with the Canadian transportation laws and/or if any negligence on our part can not be established. Incidents include, but are not limited to, illness, death, or any physical injury while inside one of our vehicles.
There is a limited liability on our part if the incident occurs due to negligence of our driver or the fact that, for example, the Transportation Service has not been provided as agreed and specified in the transportation reservation and the Contract that you have concluded with Toronto Airport Car service.
If this is the case, however, it is the responsibility of the passenger to provide the necessary proof that we have failed in providing the transportation services agreed and that because of this negligence we have caused or facilitated the incident such as death or bodily injury. Only then can a claim against Toronto Airport Car service as a transportation company be brought.
Toronto Airport Car Service is solely responsible for the actions of our drivers and third party Transportation Companies who work as an affiliate with Toronto Airport Car service.
In the event of death or personal injury due to Toronto Airport Car Service negligence, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude our liability or responsibility. This also implies to all other rights that you, as a passenger, legally own in accordance with applicable local law.
Toronto Airport Car service tries to ensure the accuracy of our service day after day. However, we can not be held responsible for the 100% accuracy and reliability of the unforeseen events or circumstances such as viruses, for example, can influence this accuracy of the content of our website. In these cases. Toronto Airport Car Service will do everything in our power to correct the content as soon as possible where necessary.
Unforeseen circumstances that result in changes in the prices provided at the time of booking Toronto Airport Car Service reserve the right to terminate a contract with a client without reimbursement.