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Privacy Policy
Toronto Airport Car Service places a high value on confidentiality at Toronto Airport Car Service also guarantees that every client that visits our website do so anonymously and also the online data will not be recorded or share in any way. These client’s privacy is constantly maintained when browsing our website or and the data of the client in question will never be used for an online service other than the transportation services requested.
Only cookies and data linked to the online user will be collected so that our company can get an idea of ​​the online use of our website. The information relating to cookies is, for example, without being limited to, the server through which the client visits our company website, the browser used by the client, and the way the client has found our company website. This information will only be used for internal marketing purposes and SEO developments to make our website even easier to find. Any client’s personal data is not part of this form of data collection.
Website visitors can also request a quote on our website by visiting To request this quote, we always ask for some client personal information like (your name, your email, your pick up address, etc). This information is only used to provide you with the requested service, and to be able to properly manage the payments resulting from the provided transportation services. This data can also be used to inform the website visitor of offers, news, or promotions that fall within the transportation services we offer.
Each client or visitor who signs a contract with Toronto Airport Car Services automatically gives the authorization for the use of his personal data for the correct delivery of our transportation services, for the correct and secure payment of our services and for all the services provided by Toronto Airport Car Services. that could interest you as a client. Offers and promotions are passed on to you as a client by email on the basis of data collected by visiting our company website. The data collected and used for these purposes are stored in our secure database. In addition to correspondence regarding offers, and promotions this data can also be used to get an idea of ​​your satisfaction for the service provided. This allows Toronto Airport Car Services to continue to improve our transportation services.

Your e-mail address will not be given to any other online services or transportation transport companies. If you receive e-mail offers from third parties, it is because of Toronto Airport Car Services act as an intermediary. If, as a client, no longer wish to receive email information from this third party affiliates, we ask you as a client to contact that third party and stop the correspondence. To stop receiving such correspondence, simply opt-out of receiving these emails or contact the third party or follow the steps on our company website and opt-out of each of our e-mail communications.
If you have doubts as a client about the accuracy or completeness of your personally identifiable data, you can always request more information via Correct information and/or corrections will be immediately made by our dispatchers. Using the same email address, the client can also request the deletion of any identifiable personal data or submit an objection.
We are not responsible for the processing and use of your personal data by third parties that you may reach via our company website. We are also not liable for the conditions that these third-parties websites use. is in no way responsible for the content and conditions of these third parties and their websites.
Changes to this Privacy and Policy will be immediately modified in the Terms and Conditions so that the client can always review them here and act in accordance with the applicable privacy policy.
– Date of the last version: 22-06-2020